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Future Shorts Film Festival’s summer program at open air and art space “Spīķeri”

  Future Shorts Film Festival glad to announce summer season`s opening in Riga during two days celebrating worldwide awarded cinema, BAFTA films and for the first time presenting best Latvian production short-length films. Worldwide short-length film festival FUTURE SHORTS takes place on June 30th and July 1st  presenting the summer program`s best…

The award-winning documentary “Chasing BUDDHA” film screening

The award-winning documentary “Chasing BUDDHA” about Buddhist nun Robina Courtin by acclaimed Australian filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson will screened for the first time in Latvia. The film will be shown on January 30th at 7 pm at the cinema “Splendid Palace” (Elizabeth Street 61, Big Hall). Australian ex-Catholic, ex-political activist and…

Silent film SHERLOCK HOLMES (1916) screening with live music

As a part of the “Sherlock Holmes’ Birthday” international festival held annualy in Riga for the 6th time in 2017, a unique screening of the silent film “Sherlock Holmes” (1916) will be shown on January 8th. Screening of silent film with jazz&contemporary live music. Special musical arrangement by saxophonist, flutist, jazz groups’ leader Denis…

Upcoming Events

  • On 15th November at 7:00 p.m. continuing the initiated series of Shakespeare Lives in Films cinema screenings, the black-and-white film “All night long” (Visu nakti), created in 1962, will be screened at the Splendid Palace in Riga after an introductory lecture by art scientist dr. philol. Viktors Freibergs.

  • "Live! Ammunition! Is Raindance's most acclaimed signature event. Audience get the chance to pitch their movie idea directly to a panel of top film executives. To the people who matter. To pitch, participants just drop a fiver in the hat, and the floor is theirs. They have two minutes to convince the panelists to read their script or make their film. They can and will be gonged off if they are boring! The winner gets all the cash! The founder of CREA Promotion and independent film producer Olga Melnikova is presented as a panelist and participates in judging live pitches from members of the public along with other industry jury members.

  • February 24th, Wednesday - Partnering for Profit program: Theme “How to present ourselves – creating visibility”. Presentation and panel discussions at the Mercure Riga Centre Hotel specifically designed to prepare members for partnering with Canadian and other foreign companies.

    Olga Melnikova the founder of CREA Promotion participates as a panelist and presents innovation tools in creative industry and in PR in general.

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