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63rd Pula Film Festival under the stars

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Over 250 Croatian and international guests come altogether experience one of the most spectacular film festivals in the history of film industry – 63rd Pula Film Festival. Film professionals and audience have a chance to spend one week from July 9th till July 16th under the stars of magic town Pula, watching the best Croatian and international films, attending ceremonies, round tables and workshops.

The emphasis of 63rd Pula was placed on women film forces, most evident in the number of female directors and the importance of the screenplay.  An example that combines both is found in this year’s winner of the Golden Arena for lifetime achievement, the world famous director and writer Marta Mészáros. We had a chance to watch splendid retrospective art work by this woman film director  “Diary for My Children” / 1984 106′ Hungary/ 35 mm black/white

Film resonates with the spirit and the struggles of her past – a passionate yet critical study of personal and political awakening told in ruthlessly unsentimental fashion. It was rejected by Communist censors for over a decade.


Cannes Film Festival 1984

(Special Jury Award)

Director and writer – Marta Mészáros




Another great Documentary film and Croatian historical heritage took our attention instantly. It was film Houston, We Have a Problem!by filmmaker Žiga Virc. The cold war, the space race, and NASA’s moon landing are landmark events that defined an era. But they are also fodder for conspiracy theories. Filmmaker Žiga Virc adds new material to the discussion on both fronts.


F. Šovagović Award

Tribeca Film Festival 2016

Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic, Qatar 2016 | 88’
feature docu-fiction
first feature

The main Festival film programme, was the Croatian programme, bringing 8 Croatian Premieres, a total of 16 excellent feature films and 17 short films.

With a total of 50 film premieres and over 135 film screenings, within nine film programmes at 15 locations, with exhibitions, lectures, round tables, musical events and workshops for children and youth – 63rd Pula Film Festival has decided to delight its audience and brought the winners of this year.



1. „Sve najbolje“ (r. Snježana Tribuson) 4, 42

2. „Huston, imamo problem!“ (r. Žiga Virc) 4, 57

3. „Ministarstvo ljubavi“ (r. Pavo Marinković) 4, 52

4. „Lazar“ (r. Svetozar Ristovski) 4, 89

5. „Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidić“ (r. I. G. Vitez) 3, 96

6. „S one strane“ (r. Zrinko Ogresta) 4, 41

7. „Dobra žena“ (r. M. Karanović) 4, 21

8. „Oslobođenje Skoplja“ (r. Rade i Danilo Šerbedžija) 4, 50

9. „Vrapci“ (r. Rúnar Rúnarsson) 3, 92

10. „Život je truba“ (r. Antonio Nuić) 4, 32

11. „Trampolin“ (r. Kristina Zrinka Matijević)

Professional Awards:

About the festival:

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