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Creativity Lab is an independent cultural center where professional skills,innovative technologies, cultural challenges, creative ideas and artistic souls meet with cultural representatives, researchers and companies to help create new and better cultural agenda, experiences and products in the field of independent culture: performing arts, theatre, film, music, animation, as well as facing so-cial and cultural responsibility.

Right at the moment the main goal of the CREA Lab is to test and develop new formats, services and products, thereby creating a more efficient and productive collaboration between research re-sources and the professional and creative industries, start-ups, experts, companies and organisa-tions.

Our mission is to develop a new understanding of creativity within modern society!

The projects implemented regrading lab: cluster Dessert Place, IKIRU theatre project, Toronto song writer and singer Olga Korsak video music, film and audio visual workshops by Billie Mintz, music band Translavinia, Kristina Kevish and etc…