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Future Shorts Film Festival’s summer program at open air and art space “Spīķeri”

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Future Shorts Film Festival glad to announce summer season`s opening in Riga during two days celebrating worldwide awarded cinema, BAFTA films and for the first time presenting best Latvian production short-length films.

Worldwide short-length film festival FUTURE SHORTS takes place on June 30th and July 1st  presenting the summer program`s best international films of this season. Within festival the audience have a chance to watch the best 9 festival films of 2016 and 2017 from participants and winners of the biggest international film festivals from around the world – among them are Georgia, Romania, Palestine, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada and even Saudi Arabia. Future Shorts will take place on June 30th from 22:30 pm to 24.00 pm in the industrial creative quarter  “Spīķeri” at Maskavas 6  street in Riga with stunning view of the old town. Festivals’ partners will present valuable prizes among audience and true cinema lovers. Traditionally voting process for the best films of this season takes place immediately after screening and via festival`s social network

Festival`s program will arrive in the middle of May

NEW! ****Program of the festival is being demonstrated in original language with eng, lv and ru subtitles

This evening our spectators and creators from all over the world will be united in common love to “short-length films” of various genres. In 21st century short-length films became actually highly sought-after genre, infatuting spectator with its metaphoricalness and shortness of statetement, resembling genre of literature novelette. The organizers of Future Shorts have already collected the best short-lenght films for us from the largest international festivals. This time  1,5 hour program is offered each day.

Actual event is an alternative to the traditional model of film festivals. The aim of Future Shorts is creation of live, spectators uniting atmosphere. “It is no coincidence that for film watching of young talents we choose alternative grounds with limited number of places, because the atmosphere is sufficient in film watching, furthermore, it is the inherent integral part of the festival. It is also important, where and WITH WHOM you are watching film – as much important as WHAT are you watching” – is underlining Olga Melnikova, organiser of the film festival in Latvia and the founder of creative communication agency “CREA Promotion”.
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About the festival FUTURE

Ticket selling on in the section of festivals: will arrive soon…

Organizer of the festival: SIA „CREA Promotion”, Phone.: +371 27523239;


*Future Shorts – world’s largest festival of short-length art, leading distributor of short-length films and animations on TV and in mobile networks, as well as DVD-lable of short-lenght works. In Riga festival has proved oneself as annual seasonal film event and our city takes seat of honour on the world demonstration map of Future Shorts.


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