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IKIRU a theater of awakening

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“It is as though the actor must awaken from a deep sleep.”

….. “There is a “secret” — to realize its truth, the actor would have to “die” for it, give up what most people call “life” to become a strange mysterious mixture of dancer, athlete, monk, lover, sculptor, musician, a speaker of truth, a singer of joy — an actor who “speaks” and whose “sound” rings a truth not wished for once, but a thousand, thousand times — an actor who “speaks” inside, outside, before, during, and after a self that has yet to be born — an actor whose performance action is so strong that when they have gone from the performance space / the performance construct, you would swear they were still there, or that in some mysterious way, they had never been there at all. That all this had been dreamed, and yet you were awake. Or were you? — This is the dramatic art. The journey of another self.” ……. From – IKIRU – Theatre Notes Moscow –

Robert Taylor Tayman. 

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