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Grand Opening of Audio Bottega in Riga

CREA Promotion organized grand opening of Audio Bottega in Latvia and provided articles about it with futher promotion of Viva equipment News about grand opening: Product placement in film project DANAE Movie: Audio Bottega as a filmmaking location and recording studio for talented musicians: Home page:


CREA Promotion created PR and marketing strategy for FCG LITD ( Flight Consulting Group) participating in one of the most significant exhibitions in private aviation in Russia JET EXPO 2014 ( Business Aviation Exhibition in Russia). • RUBAA 2014 Forum Organisation in collaboration with RIX VIP centre • PR materials development and International Media collaboration • Marketing tools development for such companies as FBO RIGA, FCG Latvia, Jet Travel and BBAC • Business jets photo shooting for private clients


From 23rd to 28th November Riga is becoming a venue for special film screenings as a part of international fair called Riga Art Fair 2015, the main topic of which will be the tendencies of contemporary independent cinema in the artistic world. The keynote of this year’s program will become such a rare genre as short film stories, where the focus is made on the important culture and arts persons, as well as unusual fates of ordinary people, and fascinating stories of their lives. Riga residents will have an opportunity to witness foreign movie tapes with high artistic performance.


Two days workshop about independent filmmaking with Canadian awarded film maker Billie Mintz took place in Riga at RMT theatre. Two excited days we spent together with Independent Film director Billie Mintz and local film makers. This was a real initiation for each present person in the room. To return from what Billie has been through and pass it on to others so that film community will learn and will grow further… Looking on one director`s experience local film makers and students went through all film stages, observed mistakes and success of many film phases. About Billie Mintz: Video from workshop:


CREA Promotion is the main representative of the Future Shorts Film Festival in Latvia for 2 years already. During 10 years of existence the festival has established itself as the first innovative communicator in the modern world of cinema. In Latvia the festival has created both a union of real professionals of cinematography and just cinema lovers quite for a short period of time. Future Shorts is held four times per year each season.

DESSERT PLACE charity project development and implementation

Dessert Place - cross-cultural and cross promotional project with the idea to integrate business products under one theme and promote them through culture. CREA Promotion has developed this project together with other companies from the same beginning, starting from strategy, business plan implementation and implemenation strategy in life, was found sponsor for business idea - European Dessert Group. In 2010 in Baltic trade chains appeared a new dessert niche product Crispy & Milky – an innovative product, which is developed by company’s leading food technologists. It is based on combination of natural ingredients, providing the unique taste and quality of product.


This autumn “CREA Promotion” made Grand Opening for the new design studio “CONCEPT HOUSE” in Riga. Starting from writing press releases, composing invitations, guest list preparation and design and architect data base up to product`s catalogue creation and grand opening organization.

Latvian Photographer Gunar Binde`s Personal Exhibition Opening

Gunar Binde is one of the most famous photographers in Latvia. In 2015 was held his next personalised exhibition dedicated to photo portraits. CREA Promotion organised the event, invited VIP guests and promoted the event in local social networks.

Independent Movie DANAE production in Latvia

The film is Based upon a novel “Shigatsu” 四月 by Naura Kotayami. The alliance of European companies come together for shooting modern movie in completely new way with new approach. Last year the film was presented at Venice Film Festival for co-production reasons. CREA Promotion is co-producer of the movie. Teaser:


It`s our honour to cooperate with Riga Dome celebrating summer city holidays and creating new platforms for cinema screenings. This time we collaborated with new renovated cultural object - KOKA RIGA. Since 1919 it was cultural house for many innovators and creators.